Blister prevention while hiking think toesocks

When I first began training to hike long distances there was a lot of wear and tear going on in my trail runners. I had switched to wool socks a good beginning but the toes were constantly rubbing and causing hot spots a very irritating situation.

Injinji to the rescue

I was online looking at socks when I first became aware of Injinji a California based company specializing in performance toesocks. I was struggling and unsure if they would work but I went ahead and ordered a few pairs. Waited patiently for their arrival and after they did I tried a pair on.

First impression was eh… different.  They felt a bit odd but not unpleasant, almost like a glove for my foot. With an open mind I tried them on my next hike and noticed a huge difference! That settled it got home and ordered a few more pairs which became a thing for a few weeks and I now only wear Injinji’s and own about 23 pairs.

Individual cushioning for each toe

This may not seem like it matters but its a very critical aspect in the prevention of blisters. With each toe wrapped and cushioned there is no compression that normal socks bring. Your toes no longer bunch together and skin on skin friction is eliminated, this alone stops many common blister problems.

Suddenly longer distances were easier to accomplish and hiking longer days was so much more pleasant. I have even hiked close to 20 miles in one day with no irritation and zero blistering.

Natural toe splay better balance

With each toe wrapped your feet maintain a natural splay(think space) which increases your balance. Better balance less falls less unsure footing and ultimately more confidence.  Natural splay also helps to improve posture these are just icing on the cake in my opinion.

Moisture wicking and management

Again with each toe individually covered they are superior in terms of getting rid of sweat. I have worn these on many hikes and have yet to remove a pair and have my feet wet from sweating. Personally the only times I have had wet feet was from improper stream or puddle crossings and that water came from an outside source.

Dry feet are happy feet and happy feet are a hikers best friend.

Injinji the only socks I trust

Having made the switch to toesocks exclusivly for over six months now I can honestly say they are the best thing  I   ever did for my feet!  I have even noticed that my feet stay warmer in the cold not requiring additional pairs of socks. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn truly like a well fitting glove.  I will gladly continue to wear these daily and intend on bringing 4 pairs on my Appalachian Trail thru hike 3 for hiking 1 light pair for camp.

I never would have guessed that something as simple as trying something different could have such a profound impact on my life but YES IT DID.  I highly recommend Injinji Performance toesocks!

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